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Friday, January 29, 2016

TG Update 01/06

Hi all!
Here's a quick update about my arts and shows.

-For those of y'all in Los Angeles, today Fri. Jan. 29th the stARTup Art Fair will host a reading of 7x7LA's exquisite corpse-style collaborations between writers and visual artists, including one by me and Kate Folk!
Here's the event if you're interested:
and here's the piece in case you missed it at the end on 2015:

-This Sun. Jan. 30th there will be screening of music videos at Palisades in Brooklyn, along with a Q&A with some of the filmmakers. I'll be there to represent on behalf of my video for the song Internet, come on down if you'd like!
The event:
the video in question:

-I'll be playing my first solo show in a while on Fri. Feb. 5th, also at Palisades, along with some dear friends, would love to sing for you.
Here's that:

-Have recently added some new original art for sale at my etsy shop, please feel free to take a look!