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Monday, February 18, 2013

TG Update Feb. 2013

Hello all!

Just a quick note to let you know what I’ve been up to.

-A few months back I shot and directed a video for Stanley Brinks’ new song “You Will Never Know”. It stars Brinks and our beautiful friend Siegmar. You may watch it here


-This winter I’ve helped to make recordings by Angela & Crystal, a.k.a. The Baby Skins available for the first time in years.
This is some of my all-time favourite music.
Now the final installment is up and ready to be heard.
It’s a previously unreleased five-song EP, and you may stream/download it here


-Also happening as soon as right now: Deenah and I are releasing our second EP of songs, entitled “L.A. Boobs, Too”.
You may stream and download the new songs here


-On March 2nd I’ll be releasing two new songs by my sister and eye, a.k.a. Double Deuce.
A video for both songs will also become totally watchable on that date.
-On April Fool’s Day, I’ll be releasing a new album of solo songs, entitled “Minus Días”.
If you’re curious, you may see a video for the title track here


and you may stream that same track here


-I’ll be touring in April and June, more on that soon.

-I been painting a bunch, you can see a few here


Currently seeking a gallery in Berlin to host a solo exhibition of this stuff, if you think you can help please hit me up!

Hope yr all feelin good.Peace!