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Thursday, August 1, 2013

TG Update August 2013

Hello all!

Just a quick note to let you know what I’ve been up to.

BUT FIRST, Deenah and I are looking for a September sublet in NYC, please let us know if you know a thing!

-Thanks to all who helped to make my solo exhibition of paintings “M” a success!

We’ll be having a closing party on Friday, August 2nd at 8PM.
Here’s the Facebook invite:

Bootsbau Project
Richardstrasse 43
12045 Berlin

The Burning Hell (duo) and L.A. Boobs will play some songs at the reception, and Deenah Vollmer will read a story.

For now, you may view the collection here:

There are still eight pieces left available for sale! Price list available upon request.

-I’m debuting a new musical project called IowiA this month.
The music will be mostly instrumental and a lil bit experimental.
This month: free single; next month: free album.
The single in question is a hip hop beat called Tobin’s Spirit Guide, featuring performances by Boston’s mighty MUPT crew.
Get the rappin’ and the instrumental for free here

-Last month I released a cover version of a song from Robert Downey Sr.’s amazing 1973 film “Greaser’s Palace”.
Y’all should seek out and view his films if you haven’t already.
This recording is available for free download.

-In June I released a new collection of songs for free streaming and free download.
I had a lot of fun making these recordings.
I feel as though they are a hybrid of pain and absurdity... They can be found here:

also, here is the official video for the song “Nascent Tongue” from this album

-In May, the new hip hop track “Catching Feelings” was made available for free streaming & free download!

Features an instrumental track by Brent “Strictly Beats” Cole (of the band Berth Control, and who played drums in Moldy Peaches) along with verses by me and the mighty MUPT crew (seek out their amazing MUPT mixtape online if you haven’t already!)

-April saw the release of my album “Minus Días”.
You may stream and/or download the album in high quality audio version here

and it’s also available on iTunes here

you may read a nice review of the album here

you may see a video for the title track here

AND you may see a video for the song “Camel Ride” here

AND AND you may see a video for the song “Lake Lady Lake” here!

ALSO there’s a video for the song “Foul Stars Are Drawing In Around You” here!

-Some shows coming up! Me solo, plus L.A. Boobs!

13.08 Torelló (ES), Tse Tse
15.08 Barcelona (ES), Festes de Gràcia @ Alfa Bar Musical (w/ The Burning Hell, performing as a duo)
16.08 Toulouse (FR) The Persimmon House (w/ The Burning Hell, performing as a duo)
17.08 Darnius (ES), Darnius Fest (w/ The Burning Hell, performing as a duo)
18.08 Perpignan (FR) L'Ubu (w/ The Burning Hell, performing as a duo)
31.08 Berlin (DE), Torstraßenfestival

Hope yr all feelin fine.