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Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Stanley Brinks Video

photo by t.g.

Hi all!
Here's the music video for the song "You Will Never Know" from the new album "Hover" by my friend, the amazing songwriter Stanley Brinks.
I shot, directed and edited the video, which stars Stanley and our beloved Siegmar.
Please enjoy!

on vimeo

Stanley Brinks "You Will Never Know" - OFFICIAL VIDEO from Toby Goodshank on Vimeo.

on youtube

From the b.y_records.com:

..."in paralllel with his musical output with Herman Düne, he played solo gigs under his real name, or using the acronym AHD or even under one of a host of pseudonyms he'd taken (Ben Dope, Ben Haschish, Klaus Bong, John Trawling, John Andreas, Lord Stanislas...).

Stanley/André has always been rather reticent when it comes to engaging with technology, the internet or the music business. In complete autonomy, he produces around 4 albums a year, on his own label, Radical Baboon. This solitary approach has never precluded him achieving worldwide recognition, since in the past he's often toured his work around Europe, the UK and the United states to an appreciative audience.

By following this path, Stanley has managed to transform his ambitions to create music on a more personal scale into a veritable way of life: simple recordings that require little in the way of technical logistics, intimate live shows in small venues or even private apartments... a bohemian life of creativity and travel.

His first album under the name Stanley Brinks, Dank U, was included in Inrocks top 50 best albums of 2008. And more recently, Stanley Brinks and the Wave Picture also elicited a strong critical response in the media."