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Monday, September 17, 2012

Leisure Inferno

Leisure Inferno
an exhibit by 3MB
(Macaulay Culkin, Toby Goodshank, Adam Green)
Le Poisson Rouge, NYC
Sept. 14th - Dec. 15th 2012

all works by 3MB


The art collective known as 3MB is comprised of three fresh young artists named Toby Goodshank, Macaulay Culkin, and Adam Green. 3MB, which is short for “Three Men and a Baby," first met each other while independently attending a Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch concert in 1991. Since then the group has been living the dream, hosting raging art parties in which the three of them work vigorously on the same canvas simultaneously and making (mostly) beautiful art together in their studio, which also doubles as Mack’s living room. Amongst the foldout poker tables and year-round Christmas tree lights they dish out their own unique brand of painting, drawing, paper-mâchéing, cubist studies, Greco-Roman sculpture re-interpretations, and cupcake decorating among many-many other artistic disciplines. One of their more recent projects was the building of the sets for Adam’s film The Wrong Ferarri, most notably the sets for The Enchanted Forest, Doggie Dare, and Nintendo Records. They all claim to be the Steve Guttenberg of the group.

It wasn’t until earlier this year, after having a chat with the fine staff at (Le) Poisson Rouge (LPR), that 3MB decided to show their work publicly for the very first time ever as a group. The fruit of those initial discussions is this very show, Leisure Inferno. Knowing that LPR is the kind of place that serves art and alcohol 3MB set out to make a show that embraced those traits, making art you’d like to see in that context. There is a strong current of nostalgia running through Leisure Inferno, with many archetypes from the artists’ youth. However, many of these of characters and people from their pasts are put into current, fantastical settings that they would never inhabit, facing situations and dilemmas that would otherwise be foreign to them. In Leisure Inferno nothing is off limits. Jonny Quest and Haji getting gay married. Seinfeld and Kramer posing nude for the Masters of the Universe. Pinhead at a disco luau. Mario Cantone and Bazooka Joe taking a soak with the Ark of the Covenant while in E. Honda’s Japanese bathhouse. Kurt Cobain as a modern-day hacker. Dogs playing poker with an alien bug. A Korn concert attended by Waldo (of Where's Waldo), E.T., Luigi, and the devil himself, along with a cast of thousands. Needless to say no door is left unopened and no stone unturned in this fun, yet powerful exhibit.

3MB hopes that you all enjoy the show.

Cast of Seinfeld
oil stick, acrylic on canvas
5’ X 6’

Dogs Playing Poker
vinyl paint, mixed media on vinyl
5’ ½’’ x 7’ ¼”

Leisure Inferno
acrylic, mixed media on canvas
5’ 1/2” X 6’

Hellraiser Disco Luau
acrylic, mixed media on canvas
5’ 5 ½” X 5’ 6 ½”

Thank Dr. Zizmor
oil stick, acrylic on canvas
6’ X 3’

acrylic on canvas
16” X 16”

Jean Benet Basquiat
oil stick, acrylic on canvas
30’’ X 24’’

Korn Concert
acrylic, mixed media on canvas
5’ 8 ½” X 4’ 6”

Cast O’ Seinfeld
oil stick, acrylic on canvas
20” X 20”

Deep Web Kurt
oil stick, acrylic on canvas
6’ X 3’

acrylic on canvas
2’ X 1’ 6’’

The Ark of the Covenant
oil stick, acrylic, mixed media on canvas
4’ X 4’

Kurt’s Virus
oil stick on canvas
2’ X 1’ 8”

Bar On Fire
acrylic on canvas
5’ 6 ½” X 7’ 7 ½”

photos by Lippe, Guy Eppel, Dima Dubson