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a bunch more old shit

some old shit i found while cleaning my room

these first things is from a batch of generic, unsolicited fliers i made for a band Jeeves was in, called I Am The Resurrection. I believe they disbanded by the time i was finished with these

they "grey rainbow" i later adopted for my band with The Baby Skins, The Tri-Lambs, although i hadn't realised that until these fliers were unearthed...

These next two i drew while in a hospital waiting room with Angela and Crystal
the "pirouette" quote is a rap lyric by Uncle Bob Grasseler, and the "superjesus" bit is from the chorus of that same rap, created by A. Degen, Uncle Bob, JayLa and Sasha F.

here's from a Soulflow colouring book (circa 2001?), i'm assuming the photo of Jeffrey Lewis is by jen.knee, i coloured it

flier for an ill-fated Double Deuce show opening for Bitch and Animal @ Knitting Factory in Manhattan (2002?)
Bitch was really nice to us, tho. B & A played real good, too.

here's two rando's:

and lastly, contour line drawing of G. Lucas Crane, coloured after the fact

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


just got back from a month long tour w/ Phoebe Kreutz
played solo plus some songs w/ Deenah every nite
was lovely to hear Phoebe, Matt Colbourn, Sibsi & Deenah every night,
and to be able to spend time with them and many old friends along the way.
Deenah maintained a tour blog here

also, me n Deenah's songs (released and performed under the name L.A. Boobs)
are available for free streaming and purchase here

Etsy store is back up, with a ton of new shit, please feel free to take a peek, purchase my wares, etc. here

i'll be playing a show in Brooklyn this Friday March 9th, I booked the whole night, very excited
here's the facebook invite:

and here's the flier:

thanks for listening, hope u been well!