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Monday, October 10, 2011

album release show sat. oct. 15th

gonna release my new album
Truth Jump Fall
digitally on October 18th
but feel free to come to a show this Saturday October 15th
where I'll perform the songs live with a full band
and after we play, I’ll give you a free download of the album.

show looks like this:

Truth Jump Fall Album Release Party

@ Sidewalk (94 Ave A @ E. 6th St., NYC)

7:30 Little Cobweb (Angela of The Baby Skins)
8:00 The Ladies of Old Hat
8:30 Girls in Trouble
9:30 The Purple Organ
10:30 Pieface
11:30 Toby Goodshank ( w/ full band, performing the new album)

free, all ages, 1 drink minimum per person

you may read a lil more about the album here


I am so thankful for my amazing band mates:

Bryan Copeland (bass monster and leader of Bryan and the Aardvarks) on bass

Jack Dishel (of the wonderful Only Son, and my band mate in The Moldy Peaches, wrote all of the arrangements on the album and recorded it too) on drums

Casey Holford (master songwriter and engineer ) on electric guitar

Julie LaMendola (mesmerising singer and lyricist, one half of Ching Chong Song) singing backing vocals and playing musical saw

Greg Richardson (multi-instrumentalist wizard in Darwin Deez) on keyboard

Also, I handpicked the other acts playing this evening

-Little Cobweb is my sister, one half of the band The Baby Skins, an incredible and honest songwriter, and a baker of delicious pastries

-The Ladies of Old Hat are Deenah and Fran (and usually Preston) of the band Old Hat, who play folk songs both comedic and poignant, fun and catchy

-Girls in Trouble are my friends neighbors Alicia and Aaron, who play beautiful and folky songs (some of which deal with the struggles of Biblical women), shared a bill with them out in Los Angeles and they put on a truly compelling live show

-The Purple Organ is one of me best and oldest friends, a one man band, a musical genius with songs that veer from the wildly erotic to deeply romantic

-Pieface are Robert and Michael, all improv all instrumental all the time, psychedelic warlords who draw inspiration from the here and now, in my utopian vision of the near future these two are running things (musically)