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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Here's news on a few things I been up to.

My new album:
I have a new collection of songs entitled Truth Jump Fall.
You’ll be able to stream or download them soon.

About Truth Jump Fall:
The album was recorded and produced by my old friend and Moldy Peaches band mate Jack Dishel (of Only Son fame). Jack wrote and played many of the arrangements on the recordings. My friend and hero Sarah Register (of the mighty Talk Normal) is mastering the songs. Another old friend and MP band mate Steven Mertens (of Spacecamp) contributed bass guitar, as did my pal Bryan Copeland (of Bryan and the Aardvarks). The amazing Julie LaMendola (of Ching Ching, formerly Ching Chong Song) sang and played musical saw, or singing saw. Devon Zink drew the beautiful illustration for the album cover.
The album title, many of the song titles, lyrics and melodies came to me over the series of a few dreams and nightmares in the latter half of 2009.

Straight-up bloggin’:
I continue to post my visual art here:

I also baby sit the following pages, but don’t do as much with ‘em:

The Wrong Ferarri:
This is the debut film by Adam Green, and the first ever feature-length movie made entirely on an iPhone. I spent a small, happy chunk of 2010 helping to film a lot of this movie, build sets, and I even have a cameo as Garfield creator Jim Davis. It's available for free download and streaming!


Deenah Vollmer and I have been making a number of short films, which you may see here:

7” Vinyl Releases:
I have a split 7” record out with Samuel Locke Ward, which you may purchase here:
or here:

Before the year’s out, Preston Spurlock and I will have a split 7” out on Weemayk Music.

Cassette Releases:
The cassette release of He Did It The Hard Way is on indefinite hiatus.

Thanks fer takin' the time,