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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


by Tobias Goodshank

There’s a Mathis in the night sky
There’s a Mathis in both you and I
Ladies and gentlemen, Johnny Mathis
Walks among us, is all around us.

Open fire crackling through the deviant night
Black leather curtain separating you from your favourite bar
Mirrored metal poles gleam neon.
Put Johnny in your pipe, smoke him.
See the world through a button candy-coloured fog.
Your pockets picked thrice daily.

Braeburn apple stain on your teacher’s satin ascot
You pick the chestnut crumbs from his beard with
your teeth. He sighs.
He withdraws a red box of matches from Chinatown, the restaurant.
He’s a fiend for dumplings, he’s an idiot for your love,
He is the living embodiment of Dick Tracy’s rogues gallery, those criminals
both living and dead, flat-topped with pruned faces,
The steaming blood of Mathis blasting through his veins
with every beat of his miscreant heart.