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Friday, July 30, 2010

christian pirate clowns

commemorating my new band w/ c. andersen & p. speer

for the unlucky few who may remember my 1999 offering
duke rupentor and his dank minions of chaos,
well, this is probably my third worst drawing thus far.
at any rate, the specs are as follows:
Weight: 24 oz.
Blade Thick: 2mm
Blade Length: 14 5/8"
Handle: 5 5/8" long. Polypropylene
Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel w/ Black Baked on Anti Rust Matte Finish
Sheath: Black Nylon
Overall Length: 20 1/4"

show me

hot nite 3: darken your door

a few more, 2002-2006

the centre sketch is a contour line portrait of me by c. madrilejos,
werewolf by s. brinks

here's me & a. carlucci brainstormin art for our album Camp Candy

Office Ops Knight

photo by Yuka Uchida

Self Poor Trait / Portrait of Liz Kmilcsik

Hot Wet Dog

G. Lucas & Rick

collaboration w/ yaya herman dune

Thursday, July 29, 2010

it's an impossibility

a heart that yearns

three weeks

the final squirt
from our chelsea hotel rap party
accomplices: a. degen, a. fedorov, k. schwerin

hot nite 2: tantric boogaloo

baby i wanna give you more

old stuff, 2002-2006

"Never pay attention!"
-r. pinnock

Unholy Trinity

Doug Keith / Lauper

Designs for yes, have some. 1

Designs for yes, have some. 2

Designs for yes, have some. 3

autumnal apple

this next one originally appeared in the zine Elephant Shoe # 1

photo by n. gruppuso 2003

Come Bag: Fully-tapped

cocaine race

Frizzank Blizzack

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A Prayer For Toby Goodshank

Aristede dropped this on me last night
illustration by John Tenniel

(a poem)
by Aristede Guignol

In Who-less nights,
my adopt-a-brother
those answering your description
Found dead, unresponsive
while you by the skin of your teeth
scraped free

You once saw costly sky-lines
and the thin side of cut-outs
and have survived, but without
the expensive souvenirs
and with a back-log
of Chinese alimony

They have a file on you (and me too)
a millennium thick
and an invitation (lost in the mail)
to a dinner party
of shitty food
and violent conversation

I pray to keep them away,
the dustman, the taxman,
(also the cutman)
(and cuntman)
away from your door
while you hammer out treasure
under swinging lightbulbs

I pray that the street signs
to the sacred precincts
appear before you (and me too)
somewhere convenient
and green
where winter animals keep
their summer parts
in a coatroom
where you pull on a pelt
and greet the face of the earth
with the slap of feet

I pray that the inner ghosts
and outer ghosts
with their flashing teeth
beneath their shrouds do not
convince or scare
you off the path

And that you do not stop
for spinning women on adjustable beds
blood-curdling revenge
and piles of crowns
on mountains of food,
for those things infinitely better
and less expensive

Where you wear the handmade crown
at the very center of the world

and then abdicate

B. Dazzler part III: Cover Stab

more bobby dazzler related art
(feel free to see hear and hair too)
my first attempt at the cover,
fucked with long after the fact (last nite)

hot nite

tripping down memory road last night
sometimes treacherous, sometimes fun
at any rate, here's an installment of things spanning 2002-2006

"I'm here for a good, not a long time."
-Childish Gambino

Now I Understand

Gravity Hit

Me n Crystal practising for our NYC debut (March 2002?)
photo by Angela? or Rachel?

Degen/Magic Flute Mash-up

Baked and Appalled (postcard to Jeeves)

TG Jazz Logo

TG Stationary (circa 2006?)

pages from unfinished Mandor comic
(this may actually be some year 2000 shit)