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Thursday, February 25, 2010




collaboration w/ p. spurlock

king me

chuggin' franks

collaborations w/ a. winner


saturday afternoon

i wroteded it

The Movie Buff
By Tobias Goodshank

Dykstra and Wilson collide in the outfield
Henderson gets called “a coward” by a little boy in the parking lot
Mattingly’s cigarette goes out as he
Drags a chipped razor across his moist Adam’s Apple
Perspiring under a flickering fluorescent light
A lone French Fry in a dog’s lap.

He smiles as his mind drifts to
the video he had recently watched
One of two men porking
behind a soda fountain
drunkenly screaming obscenities
into the empty shop.
A confetti-filled barrel below them explodes
Showering its contents onto their discarded long johns
which are then engulfed in flames,
eventually turning the building to ash.
The old men escape with superficial burns.

“That was a great video,” Mattingly slowly says aloud. There is
not another soul near him for miles around. He reaches
for a remote control and raises it to his ear, pretending to
order room service.
Two bottles of Tabasco sauce
One bottle of tangerine-flavoured vodka
Gin, and lots of it, one packet of
Ruffles ® Brand Buffalo Chicken-style
A fistful of blueberries
A York ® Peppermint Patty
The late edition of The Weekly World Sun
A carton of unfiltered Camels
Veal Parmigiana
One Eggplant Parm sub
Egg salad on a salt bagel
One bag marshmallows
A single tater tot
And all of the beer they have
on the premises.

“I’d like to see that movie again,”
he whispers to the bellhop in his mind.
“Hey, you’re Don Mattingly,” the bellhop replies.
“I’m lonely,” sighs Mattingly, motioning as if to
shut a hotel door.
He disturbs a canker sore as he attempts
to dislodge a coffee ground
from the thick of his mustache.
He hasn’t had a square meal in weeks.
“I’m gonna make my final stand,” he tells the chair.
An unread copy of Chapterhouse: Dune
gathers dust and tobacco crumbs.

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collaboration w/ d. black

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drawing inspiration from jeff, katie, and noah

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r. keeper

for thomas, with apologies.

"Let's hit 'em now, while we got the muscle."
-Frank Pentangeli

"If you flake around with the weed, you'll end up using the harder stuff."
-Tony Baker

the admiral

kind of a piss-poor ackbar.
sorry sara L.
forgot the nostrils, among other things...
drew the b-wing from a photo to try to lend some authenticity to this fiction

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

harnessed in slums

collaboration w/ d. vollmer

in the morning


i feel like i should stop, but know in my heart that i won't.
more star wars from memory

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